Minyo Crusaders: Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts

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Min’yō folk music was originally sung by Japanese fishermen, coal miners and sumo wrestlers hundreds of years ago, and the Minyo Crusaders are on a mission to make these songs relevant to an international audience. For their performance, the Crusaders found a unique take for their desk: a “kotatsu,” which is a heated Japanese table traditionally used for gathering in the winter months. SET LIST “Hohai Bushi” “Yasugi Bushi” “Aizu Bandaisan” Tiny Desk Meets globalFEST TINY DESK TEAM Producer: Bob Boilen Video Producer: Morgan Noelle Smith Audio Mastering: Josh Rogosin Tiny Production Team: Kara Frame Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann GLOBALFEST TEAM Co-Directors: Shanta Thake, Isabel Soffer, and Bill Bragin 2021 Curators: Shanta Thake, Isabel Soffer, Bill Bragin, and Viviana Benitez Event Producer: Ian Thake Host: Angélique Kidjo Social Media Manager: Valerie French Publicity: Brendan Gilmartin, Chart Room Media Legal Services: Tamizdat Legal Services: Duane Morris Producer: THE OFFICE performing arts + film Video Production: MODEMA Studios


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